About TenCorp, Inc.

          TenCorp, Inc. was founded in 2007 when founder Chad Tentinger combined his passion for both the cattle industry and the construction trade. Chad is a fourth-generation cattle farmer from Marcus, Iowa. In 2007, Chad and his brother were looking at options for a new barn to expand their cattle operation. After looking at several options, they could not find one that fit their needs and expectations. Using the knowledge Chad had gained from years of being invested in the cattle industry, Chad worked closely with Marcus Lumber to develop a barn design that maximized air flow, increased cattle comfort, and provided an efficient means to feed the cattle.

          After completion of the first barn, area farmers saw the benefits of the slatted cattle barns. Chad recognized that there was an opportunity to help other cattle producers, and build additional barns for local producers. As the years progressed, the business expanded, and TenCorp, Inc. opened their first office in Marcus, Iowa. An additional office in Des Moines, Iowa was opened in 2019 in order to meet the regional demand for TenCorp’s quality cattle barns.

          Since founding the company, Chad has continued to be actively involved in the cattle industry. He has partnered with local producers to build two state-of-the-art turn-key cattle operations. The first site was completed in 2017, and features two 1,250-head barns, with a central conveyor feeding system that eliminates the need for feed wagons. The second site consists of three barns that house a total of 5,000 head of cattle, which includes a truck scale with a grain probe, and a 500,000+ bushel bunker.

          TenCorp’s mission is to continue to advance the cattle production industry through the construction of high-quality sustainable facilities. Continuous improvements to the building design and material selection have taken place over the years, in order to ensure that TenCorp, Inc. cattle barns continue to add exceptional value to our customers’ feeding operations.