Agricultural Construction

TenCorp, Inc. has earned a reputation for integrity, quality, service, and attention to detail.

Regardless of the size or nature of each construction project, TenCorp, Inc. is committed to generating personalized, innovative, quality-driver construction that reflects our customers’ expectations and delivers a superior outcome. Successful projects are achieved by careful subcontractor selection, skillful execution of the project schedule, and timely management of costs.

At TenCorp, Inc., we strive to create lasting relationships. To us, every new projects is an opportunity to build new bonds, and reinforce relationships. We may work most often with cattle confinements, tiling, concrete, dirt work and new structures, yet our best work is derived from confidence, quality, and pride in the work we do and those we work with.

Our technique and approach has yielded a host of amazing results and stories – reach out to our team to hear how we can take those lessons learned and solve problems for you.

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