Premium Cattle Rubber

TenCorp Premium Cattle Rubber has been designed by cattle feeders, for cattle feeders.

Since 2007, TenCorp, Inc. has included rubber mats in the cattle barns that we have built for our customers and ourselves. We have worked with several rubber manufacturers over the years to provide the best product in terms of value and performance. Our search for the best mat led us to develop a mat that meets the key criteria for our customers: durability, traction, and cattle comfort. TenCorp, Inc. has partnered with EASYFIX to produce an all-new rubber mat that best meets the needs of our customers.

Key Features:

  • Increased mat thickness; our mat is 25% thicker than the competition; this additional thickness promotes a longer product line and increased cattle comfort.
  • Integrated drainable channels; drainage channels are formed into the mats’ surface to promote waste run-off into the pit below; this assists in keeping the cattle more clean and comfortable
  • Increased traction; the surface of the mats have a pattern of diamond-shaped cleats that provide increased traction for the cattle.
  • Virgin rubber; promotes product durability
  • Integrated wedge system; EASYFIX’s integrated wedge system provides a simple solution for the securing the mats, that does not rely on additional pins or fasteners.