Commodity Storage

Every cattle production site needs to be able to properly store commodities for use in their operation. TenCorp, Inc. provides storage solutions for every size of operation — from silage pads, to commodity sheds.

Silage Pads

A simple, yet effective solution allows producers to stockpile grain for future use.


Bunkers allow more grain to be stored in a smaller area.

TenCorp, Inc. works with our customers to determine:

• Storage capacity needs

• Ideal width, based on daily usage

• Length of bunker required

Bunker options included poured-in-place walls, or pre-cast panels. With either option, TenCorp Inc. […]

Commodity Sheds

Commodity sheds provide storage capacity for the feed stock needed for mixing in the daily feed rations.

Our commodity sheds are overbuild, in order to withstand the day-to-day use required for feeding cattle.

Our standard commodity shed features 8-foot concrete base walls, with 10-foot framed walls above. This provides ample head-height for loading equipment.

The commodity shed configuration is based on our customers’ needs and preferences. The number of storage bays and sizes are modified in order to meet our customers’ needs.