Commodity Trading

The T&M Cattle Company, LLC wet corn purchase program can provide many benefits to your operation. 

Our program allows you to start harvest earlier. 

We encourage producers to deliver corn between 30-22% moisture with favorable shrinks at 1.5-15%. Anything under 22% is subject to rejection. 

The first 7 days of storage are free! After 7 days, the storage fee is 0.002/bushel/day.

There are advantages to farmers, even with an ethanol plant:

Allows earlier fall field work:

Fall tillage and corn stalks are more easily accomplished. The corn stalks are accessible earlier, too.

Increased productivity:

There are extended hours, fast dumping times, flexibility of delivery needs, and avoidance of long lines at ethanol plants.

Reduced field loss:

By choosing our wet corn program, you will minimize the potential loss of bushels from ear drop, corn borer, stalk rot, and the change of loosing bushels to wind or an early winter snowstorm. A study at Purdue University indicated maximum kernel dry weight occurred at 28.4% moisture. The study also found that kernel dry weight decreased 1.1% for every point of moisture under 25%, meaning if you harvest at 16% moisture, you will lose 9.9% of your production.

Eliminates double handling:

By selling corn directly out of the field, you will save time and money by not having to truck corn to your bin, auger, dry, condition and re-auger, and then re-haul your crop. You will save bushels by handling your corn less.

Decreased capital expense:

You can avoid the expenses required to build new handling tools, such as additional bin sites, replacement augers, and drying facilities.

Supports longer season varieties:

Long-season corn has the potential to yield 20 more bushels than short-season corn. Expanding your harvest window will also eliminate phantom yield loss.